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Koh Tao Dive Sites
Koh Tao is blessed with a rich underwater fauna rivaling that of the Indian Ocean.

The waters around Koh Tao is part of The Gulf of Thailand which again is part of The South China Sea.

Some of the best dive sites on Koh Tao, which you must dive, if you come here includes the offshore pinnacles: Chumporn Pinnacle and Southwest Pinnacle.

Other great dives include Shark Island for a fantastic bio diversity, Laem Thian for exciting swim throughs and tunnels and Green Rock for it's army of Yellow Margin Triggerfish.

The Twins has it's resident Lion and Trigger fish and Lighthouse Bay offers wreck diving.


- Marine Life Gallery -

Whaleshark is often spotted here in the months between may and june and again from August on thru October.

A fantastic creature, a gentle giant - and certainly a once in a life time experience should you encounter one while diving here on Koh Tao.

The Titan Triggerfish is bulldog of the underwater world.
Always on the lookout for a fight, you won't want to venture to close - but rather observe it from afar. Nevertheless, a beautiful and interesting character on the reef.

The Blueringed Angelfish is one of a kind. Always spotted in pairs, it is said that it mates for life.
Once thing is certain - it's stunning vibrant colours are beautiful to behold.

Schooling jacks
The Schooling Jacks are a common sight should you swim a little bit off Chumporn and Southwest Pinnacle. They congregate in large numbers to protect themselves then venture in for a bit of a clean by the common Cleaner Wrasse.

The Batfish are a curious sort. Often approaching divers, checking them out.
They are often seen schooling in large numbers off Chumporn Pinnacle.

As with the Angelfish, the Bannerfish are also always spotted pairing up.
Actually part of the Butterflyfish family, the Bannerfish are a colourful addition to the reef with their vibrant colours and their long bannerfin.

Bluespotted Stingray
A nocturnal creature, the Stingray is closely related to the sharks.
There is a certain mystique about these creatures, probably revolving around the fact that they have a poisonous spine on their lower back.

Fun Diving Packages
Big Fish Resort offer several diving packages. Dives are conducted from our custom built dive boat, which has gps, oxygen, toilet, coffee+tea, sun deck for our divers pleasure. All prices include equipment and dive guide.

1 Dive - 1,000 Baht
2-5 Dives - 900 Baht
6-10 Dives - 800 Baht
10+ - 700 Baht each *With own equipment all dives are only 700 Baht a dive

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